Students discuss coursework in a student lounge.


Delaware Tech offers more than 100 degree, diploma, and certificate programs in the  fields of Agriculture, Business, Culinary Arts, Education, Engineering, Health and Science, Information Technologies, Public Service, Transportation, and Visual Communications. The College also offers a Bachelor of Science Nursing program for individuals who hold a nursing diploma or an associate degree in nursing and are licensed as a registered nurse. Many of our programs are nationally-accredited, an indication of the excellence, quality and rigor of our educational offerings. Visit our Programs of Study page for a full list of programs.

What makes Delaware Tech’s academic programs unique are our advisory committees. More than 1,000 employers and industry experts throughout the state serve on approximately 70 Delaware Tech advisory committees collegewide to ensure our graduates have the skills necessary to be job-ready.  Through these committees, faculty are able to maintain close ties to business and industry to help guide program development and ensure relevance. In addition, an overwhelming majority of our programs employ innovative technology and provide hands-on lab experience that simulates the professional work environment. Over 400 Delaware businesses hire our graduates each year, reflecting their confidence in our programs; our placement rate for associate degree graduates is over 90%!

Like Delaware’s employers, four-year universities also have confidence in our graduates’ ability to succeed. That’s why Delaware Tech can offer more than 100 connected degree programs with many area institutions allowing students to transfer smoothly to a bachelor’s degree program.

Whether you choose to enter the workforce after graduation or continue your education, Delaware Tech can help you succeed! Our accomplished and knowledgeable faculty and staff are dedicated to providing you with a supportive atmosphere to help you successfully complete the academic program of your choice.  Most of our faculty members hold advanced degrees and are industry experts, having worked in their field for many years before coming to teach at Delaware Tech.  Our instructors love to teach – more than half of them have been with the College for more than 10 years.  They go above and beyond to help students succeed when faced with academic and non-academic hurdles. Visit our Learning Support page to see how we can help!

Bachelor of Science Programs

Our bachelor of science programs center on courses that help students understand the technical aspects of a field. These programs provide a focused education in a students' major. Delaware Tech offers two bachelor of science programs. The Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE) program is a combination of in-person and online coursework combined with immersive experiences designed for teacher candidates who have acquired an Associate of Arts in teaching. Candidates will become eligible for dual certification in elementary education and special education in Delaware. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program prepares students who hold a nursing diploma or an associate degree in nursing and are licensed as a registered nurse with increased knowledge in the field of nursing. Students gain additional practicum experience and leadership skills.

Associate Degree Programs

Our associate degree programs prepare you for immediate employment. Using innovative classroom technology, our degree programs are grounded in hands-on learning experiences and that are fully aligned with the workforce needs of local employers. Delaware Tech offers over 100  programs in the areas of Agriculture, Business, Culinary Arts, Education, Engineering Technologies, Health and Science, Information Technologies, Public Service, Transportation, and Visual Communications.  Classes are scheduled in the early morning, late afternoon, evenings, and weekends to meet your specific needs. Distance education classes are also available.

If you want to pursue a four-year degree upon graduation, many of our associate degree programs connect to bachelor degrees at local universities, allowing you to transfer as a junior.  If you plan to transfer to another college after completing an associate degree at Delaware Tech, consult your academic counselor or faculty advisor to determine whether your associate degree program is articulated with a senior institution. These connected degree programs have transfer provisions you need to know. For other transfers, consult the College catalog or the admissions office of the institution which you plan to attend as soon as possible. Transferability of courses and programs is determined solely by the institution to which you transfer.

Certificate and Diploma Programs

Diploma and certificate programs consist of fewer credits than our associate degree programs, preparing you for specific employment opportunities in a shorter time. All programs are designed to provide you with a marketable skill that will enable you to compete successfully in the job market.

General Education

The College’s general education credit courses in English, mathematics, science, and social science will further your skills and knowledge in these areas. These courses are required as part of our associate degree programs but may also assist you in the working world regardless of your course of study at the College.